DDoS Analytics

StackPath's DDoS Visibility feature provides you with details associated with DDoS attacks that have been mitigated by the WAF. Use the endpoints provided below to retrieve detailed information associated with DDoS attacks against your WAF site.

For more information, please see our View and Understand DDoS Analytics article.


To learn more on how to add additional parameters to your endpoints, please see our Pagination and Filtering and Sorting guides.

Get DDoS Attacks

Method: GET
Endpoint: https://gateway.stackpath.com/waf/v1/stacks/{stack_id}/sites/{site_id}/ddos-attacks
Parameters: Optional
Example Response: { "pageInfo": { "totalCount": "string", "hasPreviousPage": true, "hasNextPage": true, "startCursor": "string", "endCursor": "string" }, "results": [{ "start_time": "2022-03-01 00:00:00", "end_time": "2022-03-01 01:00:00" }, { "start_time": "2022-02-01 00:00:00", "end_time": "2022-02-01 01:00:00" }, { "start_time": "2022-01-01 00:00:00", "end_time": "2022-01-01 01:00:00" } ] }

Get DDoS Graph

Method: GET
Endpoint: https://gateway.stackpath.com/waf/v2/stacks/{stack_id}/sites/{site_id}/traffic
Parameters: start_date, end_date, resolution
Example Response: { "traffic": [ { "timestamp": "2022-05-08T11:04:13.622Z", "api": "string", "ajax": "string", "static": "string", "customBlocked": "string", "policyBlocked": "string", "ddosBlocked": "string", "monitored": "string", "customWhitelisted": "string", "policyWhitelisted": "string", "originError4xx": "string", "originError5xx": "string", "originTimeout": "string", "uncategorized": "string", "passedToOrigin": "string", "responseTime": "string", "total": "string" } ] }

Get DDoS Requests

Method: GET
Endpoint: https://gateway.stackpath.com/waf/v1/stacks/{stack_id}/sites/{site_id}/requests
Parameters: traffic_type (DDoS)
Example Response: { "pageInfo": { "totalCount": "string", "hasPreviousPage": true, "hasNextPage": true, "startCursor": "string", "endCursor": "string" }, "results": [ { "id": "string", "path": "string", "clientIp": "string", "method": "METHOD_UNSPECIFIED", "ruleName": "string", "country": "string", "action": "ACTION_UNSPECIFIED", "ruleId": "string", "userAgent": "string", "userAgentClient": "string", "organization": "string", "requestTime": "2022-05-08T11:04:13.622Z", "referenceId": "string", "statusCode": "string", "result": "CHALLENGE_REQUEST_RESULT_UNSPECIFIED", "trafficTypes": [ "string" ] } ] }

Get DDoS Attack Details

Method: GET
Endpoint: https://gateway.stackpath.com/waf/v1/stacks/{stack_id}/sites/{site_id}/ddos-info
Parameters: start time, end time, group_by, url, ip, user_agent (Does not support filter and sort)
Example Response: { "pageInfo": { "totalCount": "string", "hasPreviousPage": true, "hasNextPage": true, "startCursor": "string", "endCursor": "string" }, "results": [ { "type": "ip|user_agent|url", "identity": "{ip_value}|{user_agent_value}|{url_value}", "count": 153 }, { "type": "ip|user_agent|url", "identity": "{ip_value}|{user_agent_value}|{url_value}", "count": 143 }, { "type": "ip|user_agent|url", "identity": "{ip_value}|{user_agent_value}|{url_value}", "count": 115 }, ] }

Get DDoS Request Details

Method: GET
Endpoint: https://gateway.stackpath.com/waf/v1/stacks/{stack_id}/sites/{site_id}/requests/{request_id}/details
Parameters: N/A
Example Response: { "requestDetails": { "id": "string", "path": "string", "method": "METHOD_UNSPECIFIED", "action": "ACTION_UNSPECIFIED", "ruleId": "string", "ruleName": "string", "userAgent": { "fullString": "string", "client": "string", "clientVersion": "string", "baseBrowser": "string", "baseBrowserVersion": "string", "os": "string", "device": "string", "deviceType": "string", "cpu": "string", "renderingEngine": "string", "clientType": "string" }, "network": { "clientIp": "string", "country": "string", "organization": { "name": "string", "subnet": "string" } }, "requestTime": "2022-05-08T11:04:13.622Z", "referenceId": "string", "contentType": "string", "scheme": "string", "httpStatusCode": "string", "httpVersion": "string", "responseTime": "string", "requestHeaders": { "additionalProp": "string" }, "incidentId": "string", "requestType": "API", "sessionRequestCount": "string", "domain": "string", "requestedDomain": "string", "queryString": "string", "result": "CHALLENGE_REQUEST_RESULT_UNSPECIFIED", "trafficTypes": [ "string" ], "patternMatchedTags": [ { "tag": "string", "displayName": "string", "description": "string", "field": "string", "fieldName": "string", "patternName": "string", "patternValue": "string", "executionPhase": "string" } ], "commonTags": [ { "tag": "string", "displayName": "string", "description": "string" } ] } }